Don Bocho's Reposado has a very deep oak flavor that hits at the tip of the tongue all the way down to your bones. Aged for six months in solid oak barrels triple filtered and individually bottled and numbered with year and month.

Don Bocho's Blanco has a soft smokey bite similar to the finest Bourbon or a very fine sipping Whiskey, often sipped from a small sipping cup accompanied with fine cheese and a cigar of your choice.

Mezcalera Don Bocho offers reserva del Blanco distilled in 2012  for 1,000 pesos MN.

Mezcalera Don Bocho has a reserve of Reposado distilled in 2011 offered for 1,600 pesos MN. 

Mezcalera Don Bocho

Don Bocho has three very distinctive products all made from Agave silvestre Duranguense. 

The Mezcalera produces a limited amount of Mezcal Blanco, Reposado and Anejo four times a year. 

Each Batch is made on site and cared by master Mezcalero Tomas Martinez .

Blanco, Reposado and Anejo are certified organic and are also is known to be Medicinal.